Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Hardy" Schefflera taiwaniana found at local nursery

Ok, so Zone 8 isn't quite hardy, but there's been so much hype amongst avid gardeners here about when Monrovia will release these GORGEOUS Scheffies from Dan Hinkley, who grows it up against his house and it comes back each year in his Puget Sound garden called Windcliff in Indianola, WA.

Whoa! Hardy Schefflera released from Monrovia and found at local nursery.


  1. Where? How much? Must have!!!!!!!!

  2. I saw them at the two nurseries I visited. Took this pic at Molbak's in Woodinville, WA and then saw some more at Sky Nursery in Shoreline, WA.

    They're in 5 gallon pots and expect to pay around $70 for one.

    Hardy or not, it'll make a kick ass house plant!

  3. I am on my way to Molbaks!!

  4. Is that alpinia or taiwaniana?

  5. The Rhododendron Species Garden in Federal Way has one that is hardy and quite large. They lost some smaller ones this last winter but I was told that once they become a little woody, they are quite hardy.

    Dragonfly Farms in Kingston has quite a few right now.