Friday, November 20, 2009

An evening at the ballet and I come home with a plant!

What an awesome evening I had last week. Pacific Northwest Ballet's "Director's Choice" was performing one of my favorite pieces called "Petite Mort" by Jiri Kylian and I was given comp tickets by a new client who happens to be in the orchestra who also happens to know my former orchestra teacher who happens to be performing in the pit as well!!

So this client introduced me to Zaluzianskya capensis, a South African plant that's an annual for us. Dubbed as the "Night Phlox" or "Midnight Candy", I was captivated by the deliciously rich aroma that the small flowers possessed as we did a garden consultation by flashlight!

Zaluzianskya capensis

I has emailed to ask what the plant was initially and he offered to bring it to the show for me to try and overwinter or collect seed from it!

Here's a video of "Petite Mort" as rehearsed by PNB:

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