Thursday, June 21, 2012

A great season for greens!

IMG_5481Earlier this season, I thought of replicating a composition I saw online last year utilizing an assortment of lettuces and interplanting them with edible pansies.

I decided to use a cheapo window box from the hardware store and there was even one I got that fits perfectly over a standard deck railing. With that in mind, I planted these up and then took them to the house to share with my housemates who have been encouraged to help themselves with the abundant greens we had for weeks now. Such a tremendous year for them!

A simple and easy idea for those without much space and very little time!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Starting somewhere...

WOW, talk about busy!!  I'm sorry I've fallen behind on this blog. Luckily, I haven't quite hit one month since my last post, but I've got something special in store. It'll be short and sweet, just like my nephews:

This is little Pao. Jean Paolo on his birth certificate; dubbed Pao Pao at home; JP to his classmates. A few weeks back, I took him shopping at the garden center and we bought strawberries, tomatoes, bean seeds and a pepper plant. We prepared a little bed in their backyard to plant and here is after showing him how to take a plant out of a container for planting:

Untitled   Untitled 

Yesterday, I came back to visit to hear and see how things were going. Pao said he'd been watering. However, I noticed that we forgot to plant the pepper. His big brother BJ: Benjohn in his birth certificate: Beej when we're lazy to say another syllable, joined us to plant. A neighborhood friend also came by that they invited and the three of them each took on a task. One was to dig, one was to plant and the other to water in. Pao immediately grabbed my hori hori knife once I got it from my car, but first, I asked him to demonstrate how to knock a plant out of a pot, but with big brother's help:

Couldn't be more proud! =)