Friday, January 10, 2014

2013: Plants, Flowers and the People

2013 NW Flower and Garden Show: "The Lost Gardener"

MARCH:  Meeting sculptor and avid plantswoman Marcia Donahue in Berkeley, CA!

APRIL:  Wedding flowers for Annie and Erika!

MAY:  Garden author Ken Druse visits Seattle and I'm profiled in an article he wrote for Organic Gardening Magazine.

The Two Divas: My brother Karl and our friend Arnaldo Innocentes perform a Cabaret show in drag! Congratulatory bouquets from the garden

JUNE: My 31st birthday with my buddy, Reid.

Another profile and article for the News Tribune (Photo by Craig Sailor)

Summer Roses and other flowers from my garden

JULY: Floral Inspirations visiting local growers in peak bloom time and meeting noted floral extraordinaire Francoise Weeks

Summer Teaching....YES, in Seattle! 

AUGUST:  Emergent: A group for young horticulture professionals gather at Xera Plants in Portland, OR

SUMMER WEDDINGS: Wedding flowers for all three ladies here in 2013. Karina (far left) was in May, Molly (far right) was in September and here we all are at Michelle's wedding with her flowers.

SEPTEMBER: Summer night at the winery! Joining friends for a concert at Chateau St. Michelle seeing OneRepublic and guest Sara Bareilles. And some singing in the car...

Garden Party Celebrating the official union of my dear friends Daniel and Jeff!

Urban Growers Co-Op: My lovely lady friends designing, growing and promoting locally sourced, sustainably grown fresh cut flowers!

OCTOBER: First international speaking engagement in Vancouver, BC  CANADA!

NOVEMBER: Floral design and a lesson in pricing with Alicia Schwede!

Grand Opening of cousin's marijuana accessories boutique in Seattle, WA called TRICHOME

DECEMBER: Holiday arrangement for Terra Bella Flowers in Seattle, WA

Holiday wreath celebrating the purchase of a new vehicle!

Happy 2014!!   RAWR!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: In Plant Photos

I spend the first day of the new year getting caught up with all sorts of things. This has been an odd holiday season, I must say. I felt overwhelmed, disorganized, and was just not in that holiday mood to the point where I was kind of avoiding people. YIKES

I didn't feel on top of work and I was (and still am), thinking and worrying too much about what needs to be done, what I should be doing, etc. etc.

The new year is suppose to be a fresh start, but when you've got your own business and you've overseeing every aspect of everything that it takes to properly run it, it's hard to just flip a switch and say you're in "work mode" or "personal mode". Often times, it blurs together and that's where I often run into trouble.

New Years resolutions don't work. I just told a friend on Facebook that "I'm still working on New Year's Resolutions from 25 years ago!" and, in a way, it's kind of true. You accomplish great things in life and you falter, crash and burn from time to time and learning to accept both is a challenge for many people.

What has helped is looking back at last year and taking pride in all the wonderful events and experiences that took place and, for me, NOT to compare and tell myself "you need to be better and do more", but instead say, "WOW, that was awesome! Now look forward to some new things and some old things that you love and just do your best!"

At times, it just takes a closer look at what you're doing: ignoring the distractions that cloud and strain your judgements and, instead, capturing the essence of a simple moment while rediscovering the love of nature and all that it has to offer.

January: Gunnera

February: Edgeworthia

March: Donahue Sculpture

April: Iris and Convallaria

May: Tulip

June: Rosa

July: Sanguisorba and Nasella

August: Lilium

September: Dahlia

October: Fall Arrangement

November: Fall Arrangement with Tillandsia

December: Beesia

Happy 2014 Everyone!