Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please someone ID this Hydrangea for moi!

Hydrangea multicolor
A lovely hydrangea from a friend's garden. Kicking myself for not asking for cuttings (though it was getting late in the season). These are flowers all from the same plant! Starting out a pale blue, aging to pale green and then into a bright crimson red!!

Any thoughts on which one this might be. I'm assuming it's a serrata type??

Hydrangea blue green red


  1. H. villosa syn H. aspera from the leaves ???? interesting hope you find an answer

  2. My guess is Hydrangea m. 'Izu No Hana' Hard to tell the color in your photo, I am assuming it's a pale blue. The leaves on these Japanese hybrids are narrower than the standard big leaf Hydrangeas. Mary Palmer