Sunday, October 30, 2011

Annual Container's last hurrah!!

Annual containers last hurrah
So this was the result of trying to spruce up our surroundings over the summer and now they're as full as can be as the autumn color from the Oregon ash trees in the background set it off well.

As extravagant as this looks, it's actually really easy to put together and maintain. Think of this idea in a tough spot underneath a tree for next season. Rely on foliage and texture: flowers are just icing on the cake.



  1. Like you, (again!), I love to take photos of containers just at the end of theri life. It shows just how many months color and pleasure a little work in May or June can give. the key is foliage and texture to hold it all together just as you said. I find the soil mix makes all the difference too. I use 20-25% compost based mix such as Gardner & Bloome Blue Ribbon Potting Mix and 75-80% fluffier, well draining mix such as Molbak's professional or Sunshine #1. I have clients emailing me to tell me what a HUGE difference they see.
    PS love the coleus.

  2. Thanks for the comment and sharing your info about your soil mix. Do you find that you have to alter your mix depending on the client and their frequency of watering or do you just use your standard mix with each composition?

    The key is to also make sure clients are watering and fertilizing regularly. These containers had left over plants from projects, junk soil, no fertilizer (besides the slow release that came with some of the plants) and not too much supplemental watering as the irrigation system hits the containers pretty well.

    I bet with just a bit more care and prep, they would be TWICE the size!