Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Riz and 'The Giant'

The last two weekends have been such a whirlwind of wonderful experiences and stories I want to be able to share, but it's that time of year where I'm overwhelmed, overworked, and, often times, OVERDOING IT!

One story deserves special recognition as it relates to a post I wrote several months ago about my
"Plants That I Want" list, based on the Plant Delight's Nursery catalog.

So, at the recent Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Spring Plant Sale down in Portland, Oregon, I happen  to run across a plant that I've been so intrigued by and been very tempted to just cave and own.

It's an Epimedium dubbed, "The Giant" being offered by extraordinary plantswoman, Diana Reeck of Collector's Nursery in Battle Ground, Washington. She had only 5 plants in one gallon containers all from a division she received from Epimedium authority, Darrell Probst, who discovered and collected it in China about a decade ago as an unidentified species. It was first offered for $500 for a small division, then it came down to $300, then Plant Delights has it for $150 for a small division.

Diana with 'The Giant' in full flower tempting every plant collector who admired it and aggravated whether or not it was worth it.

And looking at the price tag, I knew there was no way I'd be adding it to my humble box of luscious goodies from other vendors even thought it's the cheapest I've seen it.

Already, three had sold or been picked up leaving this and another specimen for me mull over and wonder if I can justify its purchase and addition to my collection.

Pollinating the Giant 2
I agonized about it all day. I was even trying to pollinate it with another Epimedium, I was so obsessed.!!

I talked to other growers and sought their thoughts and opinions and I even posted the photo above on Facebook, which totally drew up so many hilarious and serious comments about this one-of-a-kind plant.

    You get it and setting for mac and cheese for the rest of the month for meals.

     You buy it and then give it to me :) 

    Get 10 friends to buy in, like on Lotto and then "decide:" how to divide it up!!!

    Thats a sale price for that! in 5 years they will be at home depot for 7.99

    This wasn't on April Fool's Day that you saw this by any chance?

    Buy them all here is my wife's credit card number: 8907 4568 93345

    security number?

    or--support The Hardy Plant Society and suggest they hire you as a speaker, this plant in payment

    Buy it and never look back.

    Around here it's beans and cornbread if we overspend on plants in the winter. In the summer I don't worry so much because the veggie garden will feed us.

    ok CONFESS! what happened in the end?....

    He would have spent the money on something anyway...oh and just in case you did buy it, have I told you lately how gosh darn handsome you are? Why you are just the nicest person... (thinks to self, he might have some babies in that pot...never hurts to grease the wheels...)

    Did you buy it Riz ?
    Sing a song, Riz! You will lure other shoppers to their table to see where that amazing 'voice' is coming   from and help build their sales up. Then they should offset your spontaneous concert with a mark down on the Ep and it could be a win-win

    Think of it as an iEpimedium.... It's easier
    So, Riz, did you?



So, I kind of left people in suspense to this point. A few have claimed that I did get it, but.....

Sigh..... here are photos that have been circulating around the online forums so you can see just how REMARKABLE this Eppie is: Photos courtesy of Mr. Philip MacDougall.

Double sigh......



  1. Great post. I can understand coveting such a fine epimedium! The extraordinary price (would that mere mortals could afford it) makes me think of tulipmania in 17th century Holland when speculation on tulips pushed the price for one bulb to more than 10 times the average annual income of a skilled craftsman. On a smaller scale, we had the Beanie Bear craze. But what an epimedium! http://JoyofGardens.com/

  2. Oh man...I can't believe you didn't get it! Then again, I would have had to walk away as well...too rich for my blood, as they say :-) Look at it this way, it really may become more available (cheaper) in a few years. What did you end up getting...can we look forward to your "haul" post soon?

    1. Wish I had time to do a "haul" post soon, but it's so ridiculously busy.

      Off the top of my head, I know I got a few new Eppies, finally my own Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium', some herbs, Pacific Coast Irises, some ferns for a client and OH a super dahlia I've been hoping to get since I saw its flowers last fall. It's one called 'Hollyhill Spiderwoman'

  3. You DIDN'T buy it? Riz, you fool! How could you pass something like that up?

  4. An offer was made but not replied to. A pot is sitting alone, waiting, but as yet undivided. The clock is ticking, time is wasting.

    The King.

    1. I'm wondering if I should wait and wonder or call the authorities. LOL