Sunday, June 10, 2012

Starting somewhere...

WOW, talk about busy!!  I'm sorry I've fallen behind on this blog. Luckily, I haven't quite hit one month since my last post, but I've got something special in store. It'll be short and sweet, just like my nephews:

This is little Pao. Jean Paolo on his birth certificate; dubbed Pao Pao at home; JP to his classmates. A few weeks back, I took him shopping at the garden center and we bought strawberries, tomatoes, bean seeds and a pepper plant. We prepared a little bed in their backyard to plant and here is after showing him how to take a plant out of a container for planting:

Untitled   Untitled 

Yesterday, I came back to visit to hear and see how things were going. Pao said he'd been watering. However, I noticed that we forgot to plant the pepper. His big brother BJ: Benjohn in his birth certificate: Beej when we're lazy to say another syllable, joined us to plant. A neighborhood friend also came by that they invited and the three of them each took on a task. One was to dig, one was to plant and the other to water in. Pao immediately grabbed my hori hori knife once I got it from my car, but first, I asked him to demonstrate how to knock a plant out of a pot, but with big brother's help:

Couldn't be more proud! =)



  1. This is wonderful to see! You are a good teacher.

  2. Wonderful!!! You're training the Next, Next Generation, Riz!! Adorable boys, too!
    PS, your new web site is great! Congrats, Riz!