Saturday, March 30, 2013

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show highlights

I always enjoy visiting the Bay Area of California. The mild climate and wonderful plant palette always intrigues me and it also helps that I've many family and friends to visit.

After the hoopla of the 2013 Northwest Flower and Garden Show, I needed some down time to rest, recover and reflect on all that has happened these past few weeks.

After the show, the current issue of Organic Gardening has me featured along with a handful of other great YOUNG gardeners from around the USA and that was followed up by a podcast with Ken Druse, who wrote the article for OG.

It's been incredible and the work I've got going has been keeping me busy and a bit stressed, I just hope I learn to manage it all and find a good groove where I'm still enjoying the work I do and keeping up the level of quality I expect for my clients. Spring is here and I feel like there's no time to waste. Even on this glorious day, I have a tendency to freak out and almost guilty that I'm not gardening.

So, I was hoping to come down to the Bay Area, time it with the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show (HA! more work!!) and spend some time with a close friend to just relax and maybe head up to Sonoma/Napa.

I took this photo just to set up just how different this show is from our show here in Seattle. I was told that it was a smaller event and that it was "DIFFERENT". As always, I try my best to keep an open mind:


more soon....

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