Monday, August 3, 2009

Pulling out of the NHS Meet the Board Tour

Having been persuaded to take part once again for this much anticipated garden tour for the Northwest Horticultural Society, I thought it'd be another great opportunity to share my work and sell my many rare and select plants! I've set aside a lot of things in my life to pursue my horticultural endeavors, but a family event has forced me to withdraw from this year's "Meet the Board" Tour.

Yes, I'm disappointed, but honestly, I'm also a bit relieved. It's been such a busy summer season and the weather has been quite punishing to the garden and nursery. I've been watering, but with no irrigation system, I simply couldn't keep up.

Fried Cercidiphyllum japonicum
My poor Katsura is destined for early dormancy this year.

Drought stressed Rhododendron fortunei
Already in dryish shade, this plant bounces back after a good drink, but it looks horrible when deprived of water.

Fried Magnolia officinalis
The very first tree I planted in Landwave after seeing it at Washington Park Arboretum. It's getting taller each year and the leaves are getting larger and larger and more prone to sun scorch!

You know, it doesn't help to always focus on the negative, there are parts of the garden that I really wish people could see!

Lily Beds in morning light
Lilies are absolutely stunning in morning light.

Illuminated grasses with Tetrapanax
As are the ornamental grasses.

Lilium Contrast with Echinops
Echinops are doing very well this year. They must love the heat and intense light and look spectacular with Lilium 'Contrast'.

Lilium Scheherazade in morning light.
The ever vigorous 'Scheherazade' is in full bloom and again, backlit by the morning sun, looks marvelous!

Not quite the same as visiting the garden and fully appreciating these plants, but sort of eases the sting of not being able to share this with a large group of people.



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