Thursday, July 23, 2009

Extremely rare, hardy, AND SMELLS LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE??!! Hhhmmmm

So, I mail ordered this plant just cuz the flowers looked cool and they claim that it smells like chocolate. Glumicalyx goseloides is the name. Impulse buy, yes. Was it worth it, OH YEAH!!!


This is a low growing, spreading South African perennial that is suppose to be hardy down to Zone 6, but requires excellent drainage. I think it'll make an exceptional container plant, but I really should try one in the ground. I found it at a local nursery and purchased a few more so I can experiment with it.

The fiery flowers are simply exquisite exuding a distinct scent that really is reminiscent of the sweet confection (you kind of have to use your imagination), but the foliage also possesses a pungent scent. It's suppose to bloom throughout the summer if it's deadheaded!

Though kind of rare, deGro Flower and Garden has been producing them and offering them at local nurseries. It won't hurt to ask around for this really interesting plant.

I've already tried to take cuttings. I'll let you know if I'm successful at rooting them.



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