Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holidays with family....and the plants they received! haha

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you all are looking forward to the new year.

Even with the holidays present, it's still very busy, but I wanted to take the time to send my greetings to those who have been so supportive of this new venture! My sincerest thanks!

The holidays have been spent with family and friends and I got such a late start in my shopping and greeting cards, but I managed to pull it off.

There were plants on my list for a few folks including my Aunt Hermie whom I bought a really cool Tillandsia since she has good luck with them growing in the windowsill of her denture clinic! She seemed thrilled to get it! She's holding Tillandsia straminea, a rare species with sweetly scented flowers! Almost tempted to buy one for myself!

Auntie Hermie Tillandsia

On Christmas Day, I went to visit my cousins in Bellevue and presented my cousin, Tina, one of my RHR and Landwave T-shirts.

Tina with RHR logo

She lives up in Vancouver, B.C., runs several restaurants and, of course, is an amazing cook! One of her restaurants called "The Flying Tiger", and it is absolutely A MUST if you enjoy Asian Cuisine. I'm looking forward to my next visit to order my personal favorite: Pulled Duck Confit Crepes! Tina is another individual in my family that I have much respect for as she works exceedingly hard at her craft, yet is humble and maintains a wonderful sense of humor and charisma. I would LOVE to name a plant after her restaurant someday or design some containers for her!

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