Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Move over 'Little Gem'....'Baby Grand' has arrived!

I will be ranting about Monrovia's new selections for 2010 and I've decided to start off with this intriguing selection of the popular Southern Magnolia, one of my most favorite landscape trees.

Magnolia grandiflora
'Little Gem' has been highly utilized in landscape specs and designs as it seemed to be the only "dwarf" Southern Magnolia out there. The problem is, however, it isn't really as dwarf as designers want them to be. As a landscape tree, it won't reach the 70ft. potential of the standard M. grandiflora, but it still gets quite large at 20ft.+.

So for 2010, we are supposed to look out for Magnolia 'Baby Grand'. A selection from Australia, it's suppose to be the Southern Magnolia "you have always wanted to have, but couldn't because you don't have the room".

So, it looks to be a tidy and compact plant that is supposed to be 8-10ft. tall. I'm sure container gardeners will be flocking for it as well.



  1. Hi Riz~~ I have purposely avoided sites like Monrovia, Terra Nova and the like for fear that I'll be completely swept up in the vortex of plant lust. I really should be careful about reading your blog as well. LOL Such guilty pleasure.

  2. It really means a lot that you check in every once in awhile.

    Don't feel guilty, it's not like you're cheating or anything. LOL

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I just bought this tree from Minter Gardens in BC, Canada, and I planted it in early spring now noticing some of the leaves from a couple of branches have fallen off as they were yellow. Will new leaves grow from that area? The tree is healthy and blooming. Let me know, thanks.

  4. Hi Christina!

    Mine did the same thing, but it quickly produced new foliage and now new buds that are a few weeks from opening! A little transplant shock, perhaps.

    Keep it well watered and it should be just fine.