Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gardener Profile: Clayton Morgan of CEM Design

Ok, so he needs a little help in his own garden, but this was the only pic his g/f would let me use. hahaah..j/k

I've mentioned Clayton before in previous posts and I feel like he deserves his own little profile.

He and I go back a few years when we were undergrads at the UW. He thought about double majoring in landscape architecture and environmental horticulture and urban forestry, but he stuck to his BA as an LA and has implemented his knowledge of landscapes in his own enterprise as CEM Design; a company he started back when he was about 18 or 19 years old.

We worked on several projects together as undergrads and I helped TA a plant ID class he took and we just sort of started talking. He seemed like a nice guy, though really shy and quiet. He threw out the idea of collaborating on a project together and last fall was our opportunity to do so.

The Bellevue residence we landscaped together is establishing well and what a treat for our clients to witness the bloom of rare Himalayan blue poppies and giant lilies.

View of River Bed from Street

A few weeks back, I hired him to redo our driveway and here's the beginning of a new look to Landwave:

Before After1

Mid Driveway

Clayton's strength lies in not just his sense of space and design, but his skills as a contractor. He likes the BIG projects and the construction aspects of his work.

Clayton on Bobcat

A Medina residence

Medina residence

Edmonds residence

Snohomish residence

Clayton creates a wonderful canvas for me and I hope he can continue to expand his work. He's a young entrepreneur like myself and we've got a ways to go, but the progress and the quality of work he and his crew produce is outstanding and it will only get better.

While business has been busy, he's on the look out for future potential clients and projects. You can contact him and see more of his work at

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