Monday, June 28, 2010

Next Generation Gardener on TV!

A little glimpse of moi at a client's Victorian garden that I help maintain and plant the seasonal color for.

Video Taping House and Garden

Brian talks about house and garden

He discovered cardoons during a trip to England last year and insisted that we use them this year and they look fabulous. They've held up to the cold temperatures we've been enduring this "summer" unlike our staple Coleus and African Daisies.

Summer Color install 1

Coleus hybrid Osteospermum Astra Sunset Purple

I'm just proud to be involved with a project that EVERYONE can see and enjoy! Yes, it's ridiculously high maintenance, but chatting with people that walk by and the cars that slow down to admire the house and garden make it well worth the efforts.

Mixed Container Composition


  1. Fantastic garden. You are so lucky to be involved.

  2. What a fabulous house and garden!