Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sport Huntin': Brunnera macrophylla

Another new sport from good ol' 'Jack Frost'??


  1. Is that 'Emerald Mist'? I usually weed up a few seedlings like it every spring, imo they just aren't special enough to warrant the price...

  2. It looks a lot like 'Emerald Mist', but it looked to be from a batch of 'Jack Frost' that wasn't culled out properly. 'Emerald Mist' has the silver markings almost merging together so this one probably isn't considered an "improvement", but it's still kind of cool. Just glad to know that I still got an eye for things like this. haha

  3. Hi Riz,

    I just discover your blog and I am happy for that. As you I am "mad" of plants.
    I shall come back and read you.
    Kind regards.