Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Comes Early to Seattle!

So, I'm at work all by myself today. Not realizing that the UW closed operations due to snow, I took the bus and went to work. Luckily a fellow gardener came as well and we had nothing to do besides shovel and sand the pathways, but since I can't really do my regular tasks, I'm trying to get caught up on all sorts of stuff while I'm here in the office.

I've been moving and shifting potted plants like crazy and installing like a madman before this sudden onset of winter conditions. I feel like I have everything under control and things that didn't get brought in will just have to tough it out. The snow should provide some protection.

Yesterday, I snapped some photos from work and really enjoyed the effect of snowfall on plants and the wonderful shapes, patterns and textures that emerge with a light dusting of powdery white:

Helleborus Silver Lave in snow This is Helleborus argutifolius 'Silver Lace' covered in snow. Notice the overall globe effect and the texture the leaflets create with the snow covering them.

Phlomis seedheads in snow 1 Forgetting to deadhead certainly has its advantages come winter as this Phlomis russelliana, or Jerusalem Sage, looks attractive with its tiered seedheads. That's rosemary in the back.

Containers right now, if properly designed with the appropriate plant materials, can looks absolutely fantastic.

Evegreen Container in Snow Fall Winter Container Container Composition in Snow

Then there's plants like this Hosta 'Halycon' that just started to die down for the winter that got caught mid-freeze and makes for a really unusual winter display.

Hosta in Snow

The winter landscape isn't complete without ornamental grasses. These Pennisetum look lovely with their dense spikes capturing a bit of snow to look as if it's suspended mid-air. They're so elegant and low maintenance plants almost all year round.

Pennisetums in Snow

What a gloomy day yesterday and now it's bright and sunny but well below freezing. I don't dare drive in these conditions, even though I have 4-wheel drive and all. I've seen too many accidents occur and that's just something I don't need to deal with right now.

Gardener needs time to reflect, plan and rest..

Winter Scene from Soest

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