Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Building a Show Garden: It's the little things - Bouquet Banque Nursery

There are several specialty nurseries contributing to "The Lost Gardener" and I took some time to pay Bill Roeder and Judy Zugish a visit at their small nursery and studio (yes, they're renowned basket weavers!)!

Bouquet Banque has made an appearance at most of the major plant sales over the past few years offering wonderful, unusual perennials, but the past few seasons have concentrated their efforts in producing hardy Cyclamen (ie C. hederifolium and C. coum).

Photo from Thompson & Morgan

 Most of you are probably familiar with the florist Cyclamen that everyone sees in the flower shops and garden centers all around. These are usually hybrids derived from C. persicum. They come in a multitude of colors and leaf patterns and make wonderful houseplants, but they do not tolerate deep freezes.

While not as large as their highly bred relatives, the species and selections of hardy cyclamen, meaning they will withstand cold, are truly outstanding as garden plants. They are exceedingly tough for such delicate looking plants and thrive in difficult conditions in the garden. They're also very sweet and charming little things to bloom so very early in the season. Cyclamen hederifolium flower in the fall, while Cyclamen coum are just beginning to open and will look absolutely stunning as a mass drift at the flower and garden show.

My friends, Terry (who you'll meet in a few weeks) and Tina joined me as we drove up to Marysville, WA (about 35-40 minutes north of Seattle) to pay Bill and Judy a visit. It was my first time visiting Bouquet Banque and, being the plant geeks that we were, had a pleasant and worthwhile visit as their season is just starting and I'm super anxious to show off their fabulous selections!

Here are some photos from out visit:

Here's Judy sharing with us their wonderful selections and qualities that they look for.

Here's how they start. All of their plants are seed-grown and carefully grown and selected.

Cyclamen coum just starting to pop! Look at the diversity of foliage patterns. Bill says both coum and hederifolium hold their foliage well into April before they go dormant for the rest of the season until fall.

Stunning contrast in foliage coloration and lovely colors on the flowers.

Silver/pewter forms are much sought after and they have a amazing selection!

The "Christmas Tree" patten is also very popular

Here's Bill showing how he prepares willow for weaving.

A basket in progress

They have some upcoming open houses (ONE THIS WEEKEND) and their plant sale schedule posted for 2013, so do visit their WEBSITE:


It was such a fun visit for all of us and what kind folks to share their love and passion for what they do with the next generation of avid gardeners! I'll be seeing Bill and Judy again in a few weeks to get their plants all groomed and, hopefully, blooming for the show!


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