Monday, May 19, 2014

Buying less plants, but making new friends: Hortlandia 2014

I'm so very behind with NGG, but I'm gonna attempt to catch you all up anyway! I've blogged about this plant sale before as I've considered it the very best of our region because of the wonderful selection of rare and unusual oddities, but it's also made special due to the wonderful people and friends that I've met over the years that make the long three-hour drive (I hate driving long distances) so definitely worth it.

So let me take you back to April when I made my annual spring drive down to Portland, OR to hang out with planty friends and attend the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon's plant sale dubbed, "HORTLANDIA"!

The really big difference this season is I'm not able to splurge and purchase plants like I used to. It Without my own personal garden anymore, I've really had to show restraint and avoid buying plants that won't have an immediate home. So mostly, I aimed to shop for clients.

The crowd this plant sale generates is incredible!

Moments before customers flood the floors of the Portland Expo Center

The "FLOOD" can see floor...must either be lunch time or it's the second day of the sale, which is traditionally slower.
The guys from Sebright Gardens have the best shelving/delivery system for their plants!
And here's their gorgeous display of Hostas, ferns, Epimediums and other shade loving plants from Salem, OR. Kirk and Thomas are two of the nicest guys with some pretty extraordinary plants.

I'm always excited to help out at the Cistus booth with all their incredible selections of plants for everyone!

Prior to the sale, however, I was able to meet up with some plant friends and fellow garden bloggers. Scott Weber of Rhone Street Gardens and Loree Bohl of Danger Gardens joined by other local Portlanders and a few friends from Washington also made it down!

We hit up Xera Plants retail space in Portland where we held the EMERGENT get-together last summer. Then a nursery none of us have ventured to: Secret Garden Growers in Canby, OR. A lovely specialty nursery with a great selection of choice perennial plants.

Loree and avid gardener Ryan Miller chat's with Greg at Xera Plants

Perusing the plants at Secret Garden Growers in Canby, OR

A sweet little Columbine I couldn't resist at SGG: Aquilegia viridiflora 'Chocolate Soldier'. What's so special about this tiny flower with a muddy color?  IT'S FRAGRANT!

Discussing our finds and what we should have for lunch! lol

Loree found her plant of the day and she made sure no goat was gonna get a nibble!!!

 This gang of Portland gardeners are a wonderful bunch and I feel honored to have gotten to know them. We all crossed paths at the plant sale to add to our acquisitions for the weekend where I came away with just a few things. I'm glad I found a few larger plants for a client!

And a trip to PDX isn't complete without a visit to Cistus Design in Sauvie Island.



  1. I love Portland gardeners. They give much space to learn and get something new and fresh. Thanks for posting! I'm waiting for your new posts, Riz!

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