Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crying for a crinum!

Plant Delights Nursery continues to tempt me with new plants and there are several I'm just dying to try, but I've been telling myself that I cannot afford new accessions to my collections as funds need to go more towards a resign, an irrigation system and a proper nursery set up!!

But, oh my, check out this Crinum. I've successfully grown Crinum here, but they are late to come up and actually flower, but when they do. Oh, it's so elegant!

Reading the description of this variety called 'Schreck', I was tempted to blog about it:

Click on this pic from the Pacific Bulb Society to Plant Delight's page.



  1. Hi Riz~~ Why do we do this? It's like part indulgence, part punishment, perusing the multitude of temptations within the pages [paper or electronic] of our favorite nursery catalog. This Crinum is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I have a crinum that I grew from seed (from HI)inside the house. It took more than a year to germinate and has now been growing in a pot for six years. It has never bloomed. The parent plant was one of the white spidery ones that you see so often in Hawaii. If you've grown them in this climate, maybe I plant it outside when the weather warms up. (I'm on Bainbridge Island.) Will it have to be lifted in the fall?

  3. Wow, a Crinum from seed! You patient gardener, you! You can definitely grow it outside during spring and summer, but I'd keep it in a large container and just move it indoors if there's danger of frost. Fertilize it when its actively growing and when that bulb is large enough, it should send out a stalk for you!