Thursday, January 14, 2010

My attempt at a talk show: Winter Interest Plants on YouTube

Ok, so I had a little time this past weekend to take on a project I've been wanting to do more of. So, I busted out the tripod and tried to put together an informative video on winter interest plants. Audio sucks and some shots aren't that great, but I figured, if I don't start now, I won't improve if I plan on doing more of these.

I'm learning basic editing, but I think I really need a cameraman to make these more "visually pleasing".

Sorry about the ambulance, plane and car noises! hahah
I'd love your feedback!



  1. Very good video.
    You should really do more.
    I'd like to see more of your garden.

    The sound is worst when your far away from the camera. In the parts that you show the plants near the camera the sound it's way better.

    Good work.

  2. Hi, Riz -- Great tip about planting agaves so they're tilted, so water can't collect in the crown. That also would help excess moisture to drain away from the roots, which will rot if sitting in puddled water. Thanks!

  3. After the death of a couple of my agaves that I thought were planted in well drained soil I am definitely going to adopt your trick of planting at an angle, smart! File that under "why didn't I think of that!"

    Great video!

  4. I liked it! Very informative. I would cross-post this on twitter and fb.
    Do more! Maybe ask the woman who helps you once in a while to run the camera?

  5. One other thing, I was thinking it needed a sign-off. I mean we saw you in the beginning, but it would have been great also to see you wrap it up and say goodbye.

    And finally, how about a tag-line, i.e. something people will rely on you to say as you say bye-bye. How about a simple, "This is Riz Reyes saying, Happy Gardening!" or "may all your plants be healthy and above-average!"

  6. D.K. you're such a dork, thanks much. And thank you all for your kind words and tips!

    Definitely more to follow as I try and find time to do 'em!