Monday, January 25, 2010

Leaning on Nolina

I've been playing around with new compositions both in the garden and containers and I've becoming more and more infatuated with a hardy Yucca relative from Mexico called Nolina nelsonii.

I was first exposed to this plant at the Center for Urban Horticulture where a stunning specimen is the centerpiece of the McVay Courtyard.

Nolina snow
Even covered in snow, it is architecturally stunning and it has certainly proven its hardiness as I've even had a potted specimen sit outside in the open during our deep freeze last November and December.

Here is a simple composition up front where I planted it with one of my favorite Euphorbias. Euphorbia rigida.

Nolina Yucca and Euphobia

Euphorbia rigida with Nolina in back
This Euphorbia is simply stunning and, like Nolina nelsonii, highly adaptable. They are both very drought tolerant, as expected, from these genera and they have responded fairly well to part shade/morning sun.

In a container, I started playing around with this combination last year when I had a potted specimen of Nolina and a bundle of golden caramel colored curly willow. It's a stunning contrast in both color and texture, I think.

Nolina and Willow Composition


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  1. Normally I'd mock someone for using the word "stunning" four times in such a short article, but when the subject is Nolina nelsonii, I would have to wholeheartedly agree. Reminds me a lot of Yucca rostrata, of which I have three specimens; I've unfortunately never seen Nolina spp. for sale around here.

    New Orleans