Sunday, August 1, 2010

WTF, City of Seattle!! Targeting gardeners again?!

Seriously, have they got nothing BETTER to do??

So my friend David gave me a heads up about this story about this fabulous garden in Eastlake that has, of course, drawn a lot of attention, but it's made mainstream news because of a controversial order by the City of Seattle for the homeowner, Mary Hansen, to cut and maintain the height of her plantings to 24 inches due to safety and visibility concerns.

W. T. F. F. (that first "f" is for FLYING)!!!!!!!! Amidst the many issues the city is dealing with, I don't understand why THIS is even on their radar. Has she been getting any complaints? If it was an issue, wouldn't she have been notified a LONG TIME AGO that she's suppose to keep some sort of clearance?

This story is very similar to another scenario just a few years back when my friends Daniel Sparler and Jeff Schouten were ordered to reduce their garden when the city reclaimed land that the two guys had landscaped and maintained as a botanic masterpiece.

A compromise, I'm sure, will be made; but sheesh, a resident maintaining and beautifying the local neighborhood and providing something for everyone to enjoy and then being told that it's problematic and parts of it need to go because of "safety and security"?!!

Check out this video. It's actually kinda hilarious:

A garden of this caliber SHOULD BE making the news, but not because of this stupid controversy. My goodness, if they only understood the planning, care, maintenance, and all that's involved in creating and keeping up a garden like this.

Much like my Queen Anne client, who was featured on Evening Magazine, this is a landscape to behold and simply enjoy and perhaps be inspired by.

Not everyone can have gardens like this, but it sure is pretty cool to see one close by and in person!


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