Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garden Talks

The past three weeks have been so incredibly busy, but definitely worthwhile as my speaking "gigs" are well underway.

The season started off with my talk for the newly formed Hardy Plant Society of Washington. It was the first time I presented a talk that was quite personal to me as I highlight not only the wonderful plants I've obtained and grown, but also the people and events that make them special. Throughout the lecture, I would pause to raffle off a plant that was related to that particular segment of the talk and with the small group that came that evening, no one left the conference room without at least two plants in their hands courtesy of Landwave Gardens!

A tour of Landwave came next when a neighborhood group from Vashon Island came to see the garden and purchased plants. I avoided stressing out about garden beds and paths being inundated with weeds, random objects around the house, and not having the best nursery set up for my plants. Overall, I think my stories and information, answers to their questions, and the selection of interesting plants overshadowed the poor maintenance.

The next event was a long awaited lecture for the Alderwood Garden Club where my dear friend, Sue Lewicki, invited me to speak. Aside from being late because I wrote the direction wrong and having to run to the store to get a package of Claritin for my annoying allergies, it was a fun talk that everyone seemed to really enjoy.

A few days later, the Master Gardeners of King County came for a tour of the Soest Garden at the Center for Urban Horticulture. Another enthusiastic group of people were present with some challenging questions, but with this wonderful streak of good weather we're having, I think people will be happy to just be outside looking at beautiful plants!

Yesterday, my friend David Fishman, hosted the neighborhood garden group of Mercer Island in his home and garden and he had asked me a few months ago if I would give a presentation to his group. I gladly said yes and put together a simple Powerpoint showcasing some of the wonderful plants David grows in his garden. "Travels of A Young Gardener: Woodland Treasures" was the title of the talk and once again, enthusiasm and wonderful support and encouragement for all that I do with plants.

In these speaking engagements, I've reduced my speaker's fee for these small garden groups and they've all agreed to allow me to bring plants to sell, which has helped cover the remainder of the fees and, in some cases, even more so! It's been a great way to share plants and really get myself out there.

I truly am thankful for the wonderful people I meet during these talks. They're all so enthusiastic and very avid gardeners who often go to great lengths to learn as much as they can and obtain new and exciting plants in the process.

Here's a young lady who just HAD to have one of my seed grown Beesia calthifolia (offered previously as B. deltophylla). It was so clever and charming to see her tuck the little plant in her purse as she put on her helmet and hopped on her bike!


Now, that's a true Pacific Northwest Gardener!


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