Monday, June 22, 2009

One year older

On Friday, I sort of celebrated my 27th, birthday. I say "sort of", just because I caved and did some work after I told myself I wouldn't and part of the day turned out to be frustrating and, at one point unbearable, as I let the stress of not getting everything I wanted done accomplished.

In years past, I've always tried to set aside "me" time so I have a chance to sort of reflect on past years and kind of gauge where I'm headed towards both personally and professionally. Personally, I'll keep that info to myself, but professionally, the stress and workload of the past few weeks made me realize that I'm actually in a good position if I just tell myself that I'm in a good position and doing just about everything I want to be doing: I have several clients under my belt, I'll be teaching once again, I've been asked to lecture for various groups and organizations and been invited to various events and functions and I've been able to stay involved with various volunteer commitments on top of my "bread and butter" job at the center.

Too often I've had my doubts about whether all this work is really enough to sustain the simple lifestyle I aim for, basically, still living at home. While I still get a lot accomplish, a 27 year old should really be on his own, but what's keeping me at home is (yes, the cost of no rent) Landwave. I've spent the last 7 years developing my garden and micro-nursery and the property, as a whole, has so much potential and its in a great location. The house is in dire need of renovation and updates; so the thought of owning all this in the near future is incredibly intimidating to me knowing how much work has to be done.

My mom has been dropping hints that she will retire soon and move back to the Philippines leaving me the house, the land, and the mortgage, which I know absolutely nothing about home/property ownership. And with the peanuts I make, or attempt to make with everything I do, I'm not sure if its even realistic to think that I could handle all this. I know I'll be needing help and I know I'll be asking for it, but I guess the fear of not having enough resources to instigate that help is what bugs me.

"One thing at a thing at a time" is so very difficult to live by especially as a professional gardener where you let nature dictate so much of what you're suppose to be doing. One would think that after many years of doing a lot of the same thing, that things would be easier, but it doesn't work that way when you constantly want to reach the next set of goals you're constantly setting for yourself. It's a great thing to be motivated and driven, but there will always be something standing in your way.

Plants have been such a distraction, both good and bad. Lately, I've been blessed with boisterous bloom and bold foliage in my garden. While work and my home life continue to consume a lot of my time, but I've been pretty good at putting the shovel, rake, hori-hori or pruners down and just strolling through the garden with my digital camera and capturing some of the wonderful things my plants do.

Here are some shots of the garden that I hope you enjoy.

P1010024 P1010017
Some views of Landwave at this time of year.

Zinc Container
A container I composed with Nolina nelsonii, Persicaria 'Red Dragon', Brunnera 'Jack Frost' and a variegated Vinca minor.

Iris Gerald Darby with Autumn Fern
Iris 'Gerald Darby' in bloom with the new fronds of Autumn Fern.

Kniphofia northiae
The bold foliage of a newly planted Kniphofia northiae from South Africa.

Brugmansia Shredded White Fantasy
A new Angel's Trumpet for me called 'Shredded White Fantasy'. Brugmansias should be planted now for a tremendous late summer and fall bloom well up before the first frost. A great container plant that's so incredibly rewarding and intoxicatingly fragrant at night!

Man, just seeing all these was probably the best birthday gift I could ask for. If I can just focus on the positives, everything will work out!






  1. Riz, happy birthday. I thought I'd post a reply (it's time someone did!) and let you know I've been following your blog from its beginning. Coming up with a workable budget for living on your own may be challenging but isn't as ominous as it might sound. I still have plenty of friends in their late 20s (I'm 30) still living with their parents (usually for financial reasons) or just now moving out. With the cost of living increasing as it has, it's tougher out there than it used to be especially when one enters a financially challenging field such as horticulture.... so definitely don't feel bad asking for help. Best of luck.
    Ian Barclay

  2. Greetings fellow next generation gardener!

    Thank you for your birthday wishes, encouragement and kind words and many thanks for reading my blog!

    So tell me, why haven't we been formally introduced? I know I've seen you at plant sales and NHS events, but we've never had a chance to sit down and chat.

    I'd love to see your garden sometimes!



  3. Riz, I'm not sure. But you're certainly welcome out here any time (though there's not a lot to see yet, as we just moved here).

  4. Sorry, that was me in the last post. -Ian