Monday, June 1, 2009

I could have introduced it. New Thalictrum 'Evening Star'

I got an email from Terra Nova Nurseries, a supplier of some of the newest perennial liners on the market, and was surprised to see that a Thalictrum (Meadow Rue) I've been growing, evaluating and slowly propagating has been selected and named as a brand new introduction .

Dubbed as Thalictrum 'Evening Star', this is a stunning selection of Thalictrum ichangense. Imported from China and incorrectly labelled as Thalictrum honanese (incorrectly offered as such by Wayside Gardens, I've been growing it for several years and it is a happy woodland plant with peltate, deep green/purple leaves with veins suffused in silver. The plants are topped with short, wiry and airy flowering stems that seem to bloom on and off during the summer.

Here ares some current photos I took:

Thalictrum ichangense May 2009 Thalictrum ichangense flower detail

I'm glad that this plant will become more widely available. While my slow efforts of growing these from seed are surpassed by the mass production capabilities of tissue culture (TC), there's always the excitement of what a batch of seedlings will yield with variations left and right vs. the exact clones you get through micropropagation.


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