Sunday, June 7, 2009

YouTube gardening videos

While I'm recovering from this back injury, I still need to be productive somehow.

It's a goal of mine to create and post some garden videos on YouTube this season and I've been watching a few to see what's out there.

Interviews and tours of private gardens is definitely something I'd like to take on. We are blessed with numerous, outstanding gardeners who are more than willing to share the fruits of their labors and apple trees.

Here's an interview by Mike Darcy with my garden writing mentor, Lucy Hardiman, of Perennial Partners in Portland, Oregon. The advertisements in the beginning are annoying, but the interview itself was pleasant. Skip to 2:25 to watch:

Having mentioned Dan Hinkley's book launch late last month, even he's on YouTube courtesy of PBS:

There's also a lot of great "How To" videos that have been posted. Here's basic introduction to dividing dahlias:

Then there are the "How To" videos that just make me cringed because of the misleading and incorrect information they present:

I think it's good that she simplifies things for beginners to start gardening, but there's too many misleading points in her explanations. You should click on the video to view it on YouTube and read the comments posted!

Now, I just need to plan what topics I'd like to cover and start saving up for a camera!


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