Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sitting Down with KCTS 9

I've been involved in a little project with our local public television station, KCTS 9.

Last year, I met Stephen Hegg; a producer at KCTS who greeted me at an event I was invited to at their studios promoting, "The Victory Garden", a gardening show on PBS I grew up watching. In our early conversations, I shared this fact about myself and how public television practically raised me as a child. Hinting that it played a huge role in my aspirations of becoming a horticulturist, an idea came to his head about possibly doing a brand story on me.

We stayed in touch, filmed some promotional tidbits for KCTS's summer programming last year and earlier this year, we got together with his camera crew to begin this long process of filming for a very short segment piece he is going to create.

He had his crew follow me around during this year's NW Flower and Garden Show and just last week, they came out to Landwave to get some footage of me working.

On Tuesday, we filmed my testimonial where he asked me questions about my work and how public television and KCTS has impacted my life.

Riz KCTS Interview B

It was nice to kind of look back as I recalled memories of when I was a child watching KCTS. From all the kids shows (some of which I still watch today when I get a chance), Saturday afternoon cooking segments, inspiring dance and music through shows like "Great Performances", and, of course, watching Roger Swain, Marian Morash and Peter Seabrook show me the ropes on growing plants, it was a huge honor to be able to somehow give back to public television.

I just hope that my story is compelling enough to reach a broad audience and garner the support of those who can financially contribute to KCTS during this tough time.

We're still not sure when my segment will air, but I do hope that people will stay tuned; watch the quality programming they have to offer and pledge their support.
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