Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Recovery

This past weekend, I made a concerted effort to take it easy!

I've been working endlessly, having constant headaches and stressing about taking on so many things again this summer so on Saturday, I tried my best to stay away from checking my email, answering my cell phone and taking on another project at Landwave.

I slept in Friday night and woke up late in the morning to join some family for dim sum at the International District. Then I went to downtown and picked up some custom printed shirts and a vest with my business logo. Okay, that was work related, but it wasn't a big deal. Since I was already at Westlake, I walked down to Pike Place Market and had a blast buying some exceptional produce as I contemplated my dinner for the evening. I scoped out each stand looking for the freshest items, compared prices, and picked up some wonderful things. The first crop of fingerling potatoes looked good enough to eat right then and there and a large bunch of golden beets with the greens still attached looked as fresh as can be and for $2, it was a steal!

Being at the market, even when I was very young, always intrigued me. I was tempted with all sorts of things left and right and, of course, I was drawn to the stands of fresh summer flowers that filled the market with their riveting colors and enticing fragrances. Lilies and dahlias drew the most glances along with Crocosmias and sunflowers all grown locally, but it was my nose that took over all my other senses as I treated myself to a generous bunch of heavily perfumed sweet peas.

In a way, it almost looked like I was shopping for a very special dinner date and in a way, I sort of was; I was treating a part of myself I had been neglecting for so long and deserved something special.

After the market and a cup full of gelato, I walked back to my car and headed up to Northgate where I got a new cell phone and, afterwards, I felt compelled to visit a local music store nearby and finally got a new bow so I can start up playing my violin again after several years hiatus. Music is another love of mine that I've just not made enough time for.

On my way home that day, I swung by a local Filipino store to treat myself to a serving of halo-halo. I drove home, sat under the canopy of my outdoor swing and enjoyed my sweet and refreshing dessert as I admired my garden.

In the past few weeks of stress, I've neglected to notice just how productive the garden has been even without my best efforts in keeping it up.

Vegetable Bed Lettuce

I've been starting to harvest from my formal vegetable beds. Lettuce 'Merlot' and Lacinato kale look and taste superb and my snow peas are crisps and sweet as ever! My grandpa would be proud!

Oh, and the lilies have begun their show. Regal and absolutely elegant in the landscape, I'm always captivated by them. As one variety opens after another, I'm inspired once again to revive the little breeding program I started up a few years ago. I collected some pollen to dry and capped a few stigmas to prepare for pollination with a few crosses in my mind, but before I did, I snapped a few photos:

Lilium Zeus portrait
The ever vigorous 'Zeus' with its cantaloupe orange blooms and dark spots glow spectacularly in the morning light.

Lilium HL Portrait 1
On the other end of the spectrum, the soft and delicate 'Heirloom Lace' creates a soft and captivating image amongst ornamental grasses and herbaceous perennials in bloom.

There are more lilies to come, so stay tuned!

Sunday wasn't as eventful, but still relatively productive and not as stressful as previous weekends have been.

I need more time like this. I work hard for everything I've got and I worry so much that even one day off will set me back, but this weekend proved that I can have this balance in my life and remain in a good, healthy frame of mind.

Still have lots to do, but I feel like things will be just fine.



  1. Ooo. I must grow lily Zeus! Are you selling it?

  2. I'll be dividing it this fall because it needs a new location.

    How many do you need?