Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A collaborative effort. (PART 1)

For the past few weeks, I've been working with a colleague in designing and installing a landscape for a client and the process has been incredibly worthwhile.

Clayton Morgan, of CEM Design, Inc., is a former classmate, student, and friend. He finished his BLA (Bachelors of Landscape Architecture) when I finished my hort degree at the UW. We've been talking about doing a project together for some time now and an opportunity arose when a client in Bellevue called RHR (moi) to renovate and re-design their yard.

Since I don't do major demolition and hardscapes, Clayton (who just loves to do these sorts of things with his big power toys! lol ) took on this role. With the hard-working CEM crew, they clean up the site, installed an irrigation system, and transformed an overgrown and uninspiring front slope and uncovered a new canvas for us to create something very special.

Front View


ROCK & HARDSCAPE INSTALLED (stupid DEAD END sign. We're hoping they can get it moved)

So, most of the plant material was delivered today and the first phase of plant installation begins first thing in the morning. Clayton and I took some time earlier this evening to discuss placements and I couldn't be more pleased to work with someone with a keen eye for design and the experience and patience of a gardener. He's a quiet fellow, but he takes on and accomplishes big things that truly make a statement! Watch out, he's also YOUNGER THAN ME! haha.

Next generation of professional gardeners at work. Stay tuned for views of the first phase of installation.



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