Monday, October 26, 2009

The flight of the painted busy lizzie

I had to bring it inside to allow the buds to from and eventually bloom, but this species Impatiens from Africa has captured my attention.

My original plant came from Mr. Impatiens himself, Derick Pitman, but I also got a start from deGro Flower and Garde Nursery here in Puyallup, Washington.

Impatiens tinctoria

Impatiens tinctoria flora habit

Impatiens tinctoria pair flash

Too tired to write up a wordy post. Check out this website for more gorgeous pics and information about this rare plant.


  1. Hi Riz~~ First time visitor here. I found you while reading Teza's Garden blog. I'm always happy to acquaint myself with fellow northwest gardeners. Love the impatiens. The plant almost looks like a vine and the flowers are stunning. I've got Impatiens balfourii that seeds itself around my shady courtyard. Hardly the pizazz of I. tinctoria but charming none the less. I'll be back. Grace

  2. Thanks for commenting, Grace!

    I appreciate you visiting. It's still a brand new blog and I'm hoping others find it as my Seattle blog is more well known, but I feel somewhat restricted on it.

    So, where do you garden? What aspects of gardening are you most interested in?