Monday, October 5, 2009

The "First Timer"

Some highlights of my trip to Raleigh, NC for the Garden Writer's Association Symposium.

Riz Badge

**Most Awkward Moments**

-Getting on last on the bus and being forced to meet and converse with George Ball.
-Having to be rescued after being locked in the men's room at the Convention Center.

**Funny Moment during a Concurrent Session**

-THE FARTING SEATS! (Everytime someone plops down to sit (Dan Heims in particular during one session), the chairs act like whoopie cushions.)

**Person/People who impressed me most**

PDN Riz and Tony Avent -Fellow Generation Y gardener Kelly Norris (age 22!!), who gave a commanding lecture on how to introduce our generation to gardening.
-Tony Avent and his Juniper Level Botanic Gardens and Plant Delights Nursery.

**Best Meal**

-Buttermilk biscuits with fried chicken and hash browns

**Funniest Compliment Received**
PDN Riz and John Elsley
-"What in the bloody hell are you doing in horticulture??!!" - Plantsman John Elsley (after a "performance" during the closing karaoke party)

**Most Memorable Person/People I Met for the First Time In Person**
PDN Riz and Jim Wilson

-Jim Wilson. Who I grew up watching on old tapes of "The Victory Garden"
-Pam Baggett. Garden writer and tropical plant specialist.
-All my fellow "Gen Y" gardeners and writers.

**Person/People I was most relieved to see being a "First Timer"**

-Marty Wingate, Bobby Ward, C. Colston Burrell,

**Most Inspirational Person I Met**

-Mentor: Ed Markham. In his 90's and still going strong!

**Most Inspirational Talk**

-Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dr. Lowell B. Catlett The Greening of America

**Best chat**

-Post dinner and bus chat with Debra Prinzing and David Perry.

Check out all the pics from the Symposium here!!

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  1. wow, I made it onto your list as **best chat** ~ how sweet! Ditto from me, debra