Monday, October 26, 2009

Visiting the garden of a famous plant explorer.

What a treat it was to join my colleagues at the University of Washington Botanic Gardens for a grand tour and visit to a one of a kind landscape: the garden and home of plant explorer Dan Hinkley and his partner, architect extraordinaire, Robert Jones, who designed their amazing home.

I've posted my photos on my Flickr page, but here are some highlights of the trip:

Windcliff is the name they've dubbed for their property and it is a true horticultural delight. Arriving at the gate, I was greeted by a sign that brought a smile to my face:

Ref 71

The Entrance:

Windcliff Entrance

The Funky Blue and Gold Gunnera:

Painted Gunnera

The Front Door:

Home Entrance 2

The Hardy Schefflera:

Schefflera delavayi in bloom

A Garden Path:

Garden Entry 1

The Edible Garden (winter crops behind and beds prepped for spring planting):

Vegetable Beds

Scenes of the stunning landscape and house overlooking Puget Sound:

Pond View 1

View of water feature and Arbutus

View of House

So, I sort of ditched the tour that Dan was leading and shot some videos I posted on YouTube.

Here's one clip:

It's been awhile since I saw Dan and it was really great to see him and his garden evolve.

He made an effort to embarrass me as someone pointed out a Begonia he got from me:


"Oh, where's Riz? That's one of his plants. Each time I see it, it reminds me of him."

Everyone: "Awwwwwwwwwww"

Dan: "And I think of him more fondly as my dog walks by it, lifts his leg and...."

Oh Dan, I will so get you for that, biotch!


  1. Oh my Sweet Jesus! Thank you for this wonderful video tour of my favourite plantsman's garden! I knew you had been on plant expeditions with him, and as a result have also enjoyed your sites as well. Brilliant, and just in time to help a fellow plant collector survive the withdrawl symptoms of a nasty Zone 5 winter!

  2. Eww....Zone 5. Damn, we're so spoiled here in the PNW. Glad you liked the amateurish videos. LOL