Monday, February 8, 2010

Flower and Garden Show Wrap-up!

I spent the last few days just soaking in the show and not worrying about reporting EVERYTHING once it happens. Well, for one, someone has probably beaten me to it who's career is really "on the line" (lord, this woman threw a fit when the wireless in the press room cut off her internet connection as she was blogging) and, second, no one's paying me to do what I'm doing! On top of that, not all that many people follow my blog postings anyway.

Just about every day, I spent at the 2010 NW Flower and Garden Show. Each of those days I snapped photographs, talked to nurserymen and growers, designers, stressed, but still managed to pull off a successful talk, and most importantly, I was able to connect with friends and close colleagues.

To make this a far less boring and more entertaining blog post, I won't rant and ramble like I do in most of my talks and just give you a photo montage like I did during press day.


*Most In Line with what I'd actually Design for Myself*
Lit Curly Willow display
I was quite impressed by this garden for its layout and the stunning stone walls, very Bernard Trainor like. Love love LOVE how the curly willows are "lightened up" and create a silhouette up against the wall.

*Most Eye-Catching Planting Combination*
Hyacinth Yellow Twig Dogwood
Easy composition, but stunning use of color by the designers at Ravenna Gardens.

*Garden Ornament I'd Actually Consider Using*
Brugmansia Lamp
This is kinda cool, actually.

*Best Attempt at Transporting One to a Different World*
Orchid Display
A lovely display of a wide assortment of orchids by the Northwest Orchid Society.

*Best Attempt to Really Make a Statement, but unfortunately didn't*
High School Vignette Trash Garden
A vignette display by a local high school that was quite a bold attempt at teaching a lesson on environmental impacts on careless gardening.

*Most Awesomely Fragrant Vendor Display*
Tropicals in plant market
Loved these vendors since my first show, but I HATE the use of fake flowers and foliage and claiming that it's really easy to grow Plumeria, Proteas, and Tuberoses in the Pacific Northwest. Gotta love the fresh flower samples they have of richly scented Frangipani and Tuberose.

*Tackiest Accessory*
Outdoor flower shower
Found at The Lily Pad comes this cute, but somewhat pointless and gaudy contraption that's suppose to allow you to shower outdoors during the summer months. And what the hell are you suppose to do with it the rest of the year? Eww...

*Best Potentially Misleading Signage That Annoys Me"
Lily Trees
Again, a Lily Pad poo poo. Lilies are not trees, dammit! Yes, these Oriental x Trumpet hybrids can get large, but THEY DIE BACK DOWN TO THE GROUND EACH WINTER!!!

*Best and Clever Use of Edibles*
Urban Farm 2
"Crops for Clunkers" by Seattle Urban Farmers.

*The Pacific Islands Award*
Bonsai demo 1
A Japanese landscape designed by a Filipino man, Tony Fajarillo of Active Landscape, Inc.

**The "WTF is that" Award**
Barbie Doll 1
This was just one of several table container displays that were well composed and actually even won an award for "Best Use of Plants", but really, WTF is up with the Barbie Dolls. If this is their attempt at coaxing the next generation of women and gay male gardeners, they're seriously trying too hard.

There ya go! Until next year, folks! More stories and interviews to come later!



  1. Very entertaining post! Loved the Awards/Honors theme.

  2. Thanks D.K.! Hope you enjoyed the show in person!