Monday, February 15, 2010

Pretty with Pink

It's always so thrilling to have a plant I brought back from China do well and flower in my garden. This plant was actually sent to me by a collecting colleague from Atlanta, Georgia, Scott McMahan of McMahan Nursery because Riz didn't think much about collecting it on his own. I am enthralled by this Daphne relative and it looks absolutely stunning right now.

Now, there's some debate on the species classification of the genus Edgeworthia. Dan described this dilemma in an article on his website.

Still not sure exactly what we saw in the wild. It looks like E. papyrifera based on the plants labeled as such at specialty nurseries here, but Scott labeled it as E. chrysantha.

This form has an exquisite pink blush at the base of the corolla and it is exquisitely fragrant. It has also proven to be quite hardy.

Ok...start salivating:

Edgeworthia Pink close up


  1. I can't find it at McMahan Nursery. Do you have any small plant available? Scott

  2. I don't think Scott has been propagating it or he could be, I'm not sure.

    I've yet to learn how to properly propagate Edgeworthia, but once this baby gets large enough, I will attempt to get some going.

  3. Argh, I want a zone upgrade! Global warming, where are you? :P