Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Media Day: Garden Show Preview

So, I took part in a pre-show tour of the gardens prior to the judging of this year's display gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

I ran into some familiar faces and fellow garden writer, Marty Wingate, was asked to lead the tour and I was informally asked to keep the group together so we made use of our short time.

Tension was high with some exhibitors getting the final touches together, while there were several veterans just soaking up the media attention they were getting for their completed designs.

Marty talks about Arboretum Display
Here’s Marty in action talking about the fine aspects of winter gardening at the Arboretum Foundation’s surprisingly small, but really well executed Winter Garden.

Arboretum Garden


Veggies are at an all time high as growers meticulously grew edibles out of season just for this show.

Urban Farm
Check out what probably is the smallest garden entry on the show floor this year, but one that certainly drew a lot of attention. I met these guys a few years back when they did a fabulous display of edibles and the whole concept of urban farming really began to take root! Seattle Urban Farm Co. creation they’ve dubbed “Crops for Clunkers”!
Urban Farm 2

And I've never attended a show with so many animals like these chickens here and 2 annoying goats that will certainly be the talk of the show.
One of many chickens on display here at the ambitious display by WSNLA called “There’s No Place Like Home”.

Just about every roof was green at this year's show and many walls were just LIVIN'.
Interior Living Walls
A unique approach to sustainability and real green living.

And, of course, the showpieces and dramatic landscapes that no one besides the disgustingly wealthy can ever own, but the everyday gardener can look at with inspiration and walk away with a fresh idea for their humble yard.

A clean cut and, probably one of the “brightest” displays was this creation by Pacific Stone Company called “Meditation From Within”

Curly Willow Garden
Absolutely dramatic willows in this stunning design by Karen Stefonick and Brent Bissell called “Ahead of the Curve”.

WALP display
A modern design approach to a beautifully composed garden by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers called “Your Hidden Garden Discovered: Collaborate with a Landscape Designer.”

WALP ktichen
Designed by Phil Wood, this display by WALP (Washington Association of Landscape Professionals) called “Simply Entertaining” is simply outstanding and way beyond what my savings could afford.

Marty with Elandan Gardens
These naturalistic landscapes by Elandan Gardens are truly stunning.

Then there's a board game!! Created in part by my wacky good friend Judith Jones.
Worm Garden

Outside the show gardens were these masterpieces in the works. Being able to work with and be around such beautiful things really brings out the joy that is the annual flower and garden show!

Floral Design 1 Floral Design

As for new and exciting plants, here's my pick:

Daphne odora 'Rebecca'.

A much wider gold edge than the standard 'Aureo-Marginata' cultivar, it looked quite handsome and looks to be a promising introduction by PlantHaven. You can find it in the display just as you enter the 4th floor entrance created by the Flower Growers of Puget Sound.

Daphne Rebecca

Oh, and there’s a butterfly exhibit I’m looking forward to seeing once the show officially opens!
More highlights and, hopefully, another cheesy video!


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  1. Hi Riz~~ Mega eye candy! 'Rebecca' is a stunner. I wonder if she's a little less temperamental than her cousin. Love the "Crops for Clunkers" campaign. That's one cool truck. Cheezy video or not, I look forward to seeing more.