Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love thy daffodils!

I took part in my first plant sale of the season last Friday and, ya know, it was a bit disappointing. After months of dealing with critter eaten bulbs, unforgiving freezes and thaws, I scrambled together what I could; worked overtime to get labels and my signage (which was a running powerpoint slideshow vs. actual signs that I just did not have time to put together) and I hardly made anything.

I tried my best to present a selection of spring bulbs and in full bloom, right on queue, were these handsome daffs:

Narcissus Jack Snipe with Jetfire Narcissus 'Jack Snipe' is a Great Plant Pick and is known for it's vigor and reliability. It is also gently fragrant and naturally handsome.

Narcissus Jetfire Narcissus 'Jetfire' is an absolute star with a bright yellow perianth and a rich orange tubular corona. It is also tough-as-nails; it can naturalize and reliably come back year after year.

Narcissus canaliculatus Narcissus canaliculatus. A not often grown species that I just adore for its short stature and exquisitely sweet perfume!

One would assume that these blooming beauties would go flying off the table at $3.50 for a multi-nosed bulb in a 4" pot or an instant clump of 5 bulbs in a gallon pot for $10.00. Out of all the blooming daffodils I grew and brought, I sold 2 or 3. That's all.

I had some other things like species tulip hyrbids (a future blog entry) and early season perennials, but the daffodils just did not budge. And it wasn't like they were pasted their peak. All the pots are still loaded with buds ready to burst into bloom!

Now to find homes for these. I have them in the garden already!



  1. Lovely cultivars, and I can sympathize with the dissapointing sales, it's not always easy to guess what will sell...

  2. oh those finicky customers, I can commiserate with you...

  3. That's a bummer. I will say that for me, buying bulbs in bloom is something I don't usually do. I haunt the Arboretum fall bulb sale religiously and then don't have to pay for pots or soil, and I get to enjoy the blooms for their full span. Have you ever just sold the bulbs with a sign (I know, signs are annoying to print out and laminate) in the fall?