Thursday, March 4, 2010

New TV Gardening Series: "Growing A Greener World"

So, I've said it before: television is often my outlet to the world and it raised me growing up! Luckily, most of the programs I watched were on PBS. With my sentimental favorite, The Victory Garden, paving the way towards many of my horticultural interests, I'm anxious for the upcoming series called "Growing A Greener World".

I've actually met the two hosts of this series through the Garden Writer's Association so it's pretty cool to see colleagues on television. It almost feels like I'll kind of be rooting them to do well! As fellow garden communicators, we follow our hearts to share an interest, a passion and a profession we care so deeply about. We're all sort of on the same boat in a way and I sincerely hope this series takes off and we have a strong following of avid gardeners, both beginners to professionals, to encourage and inspire.

So here's a little tidbit from The Urban Sustainable Living website you can check out.

I already get the feeling that it will encompass a wide range of various topics and maybe not so much focused on plants as much as I'd like, but again, it's all about the message we're trying to get across. The main objective is to hook people in and then we can teach the specifics (ie plants, planting, design,). It's all about awareness, as well. The more people begin to realize that there are environmental impacts to a lot of what they do, the more they can feel compelled to change their ways and, perhaps, make a difference in the world.

My best to Joe and Patti! Rock it, you two!


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