Sunday, March 21, 2010

Officially Spring!

What a tremendous weekend for gardening. Even though I had to work, I managed a few hours in the garden and some progress on a redesign of Landwave.

I kick myself for not getting an opportunity to work in my own garden, but at the same time, I'm fully aware that I've really bitten more than I can chew. It's totally my fault for knowing that I already have a lot of my plate, but I often let others dictate what my priorities are and I'm getting a little fed up with it.

The potential of the garden can be tremendous, but I can't move at the pace I'd like to get everything I want accomplished. Yes, I could use more help, but my garden should be a reflection of my own work and efforts.

As I tear up the garden for this redesign, there are individual highlights intact that I made sure to take the time and fully admire this weekend:

Tulipa MuscariPart of the redesign involves the removal of this planting scheme I installed just two years ago with Tulipa kaufmanniana 'Ancilla' planting in a drift with Muscari armeniacum. With ornamental grasses left intact over the winter, it is a simple yet dramatic and easy to care for perennial display. It's absolutely lovely to see this tulip open, close, and open again. The eventual sea of blue compliments the cream colored blooms with deep orange and yellow centers and red reverses. These bulbs are reliable perennials if they are dead-headed, allowed to die down properly and not eaten by pesky rodents. Just bummed that I have to carefully transplant these while in active growth and bloom.

Asian Pear Blossoms
One tree I wasn't able to move in time is my combo Asian Pear tree that's already in full bloom this weekend. I never noticed how stinky their flowers are, but oh the plentiful fruit they produce!

Muscari Golden Fragrance
On the other side of the scent spectrum is a sweet little Muscari called 'Golden Fragrance'. It has been in the ground for 3 years now and has survived the dryish soil and neglect after it bloom each spring. You have to kneel down to really admire them, but you're in for a treat when you bring your nose close to it!

Epimedium sp
Epimediums are a tad early this season with many already budded up and blooming including this stunning species from China. Epimedium aff. franchetii.

Lily bulb divisions
Time's really running out in terms of my window to transplant things, but I'm still going for it. Here's a large clump of lilies I dug and divided and some plants, like herbaceous peonies, will hate being moved at this time, but they don't have much of a choice. I can just get them potted up or replanted ASAP and hope for the best this year.
Paeonia coming up

I'll fill you in on my redesign and more spring highlights to come. Stay tuned and enjoy!


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