Friday, March 12, 2010

Needing a little Tropicalismo: A grand new addition to the garden.

Who just gives away a healthy, fairly large specimen of a hardy Chinese Windmill Palm?! My gardening friend and colleague, Bridget Lamp, who's looking to focus on more edibles in her small South Seattle garden (visit her blog!), hit me up and I'm now the proud owner of an outstanding specimen that stands proudly in front of Landwave! Thanks to another colleague of mine, Crane Stavig, a landscaper and former student of mine who has his own landscaping/nursery business called Greencliff Landscape Co. we were able to dig it out, haul it onto his pick up and drop it off in Shoreline.


Ok, so I put together a little video montage of this process. Check it out and feel free to offer some more detailed advice on transplanting a palm for everyone to learn!



1 comment:

  1. Awesome vid with a cool song!

    Though I'm a tad annoyed you didn't call me for help on the second half....was a little unnerving watching you man-handle that huge plant!!

    Hey, never be too proud to beg for help my friend! Hahah