Friday, April 16, 2010

The Overwhelmed Gardener. Part 1: HPSO Plant Sale

Good lord, it's that time of year...

How the heck does one choose which talk, which class, which plant sale, which fund-raiser, which garden tour to attend out of the seemingly endless events on the Pacific Northwest Hort Calendar!

As great as they all are and as much as I'd like to attend, support and take part, there's just waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too many.

Over the years, I've learned to accept that fact and selected events that either:

-Allow me to sell plants and make money.
-Present myself to a new audience to broaden my professional network.
-Support a cause and organization that I really care about.
-Have the largest, most varied selection of plant material

and somewhere near the top of my list, I commit to events that have the largest congregation of my friends and colleagues.

Most of these events are, technically, work for me and since they often occur in the weekends, I really must have a break to catch up with others, share stories and regain that joy and excitement of being among great people and a wide assortment of great plants for anyone to purchase and bring that joy and excitement back home with them!

Starting this weekend, here's an event I've actually never been to, yet have heard so much about:

April 17-18: Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Plant Sale. Portland, OR

So I'm driving down for three hours to hit up a plant sale. Time that could be spent in my garden and nursery, but instead I'm attending the largest gathering of specialty nurseries from Oregon and Washington and put on by an organization that is so well known in our region. It seems like it's the sale that EVERYONE attends, which happens to include many many friends.

Oh, it'll be total plant geek weekend!

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