Sunday, May 30, 2010

The funky things plants do

Finally, I've had some time to look at the garden with an eagle eye and this immediately caught my attention:

This is Osmanthus x fortunei, one of my favorite broad-leaf evergreen shrubs. This is one of 4 rooted cuttings I purchased from the Pat Calvert Greenhouse at the Washington Park Arboretum a few years ago and it's been my assumption that it just isn't large enough to flower until a few seasons ago, I began to notice this odd occurrence where new growth develops to form what look like petals instead of new leaves.

Osmanthus x fortunei mutation A Osmanthus x fortunei mutation

Upon closer inspection with my nose, that characteristic apricot scent was present! Typically, Osmanthus flowers are somewhat axillary with the small flowers closely held to the stem and this particular variety (with fragans in its background) blooms in the autumn.

So, this is at least the third year I've noticed this and I'm anxious to see if it will continue to do this as the plant matures.



  1. I would have been surprised as well to see Osmanthus flowers emerging with new leaves!

  2. i have Osmanthus x fortunei aswell and the plant is doing the same thing for me:( the flowers have the same apricot type of sent when i always believed it was ment to be more of a gardenia sent