Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Putting the Garden in the Playgarden!

It's taken me awhile to post this because I'm getting constant reminders about this event from all my peers and I really wanted to be sure that I only post events I, personally, care about and aim to fully support.

My friend, colleague, and garden/container design extraordinaire, Wendy Welch, introduced me to this project a few months ago and explained her involvement with the Seattle Children's Playgarden. Being developed in a neighborhood that hasn't always had the best reputation, I was amazed at the progress they've made in developing a space where children can feel safe and engaged with the multitude of potential activities the garden will offer.

Now, in encouraging the next generation of gardeners, this is definitely a great place to get them started or at the very least, peak their interest so their awareness of the community and environment is nurtured properly. For this very reason, I feel like I have to offer my support and contribute somehow.

On May 22nd, they are holding an auction to help raise money for the garden. I was asked to design two small container plantings and a selection of VERY RARE PLANTS from my nursery to be auctioned off that night. I hope people take notice, place a high bid on the wonderful items they're offering, such as:

* Lunch with renowned plant explorer, Dan Hinkley, at his garden, Windcliff.
* Wine with Ciscoe in his garden along with a tour of his plant collection.
* A chicken coop with chicks — and an expert to help
* Pots designed by Seattle’s hottest garden designers (including Wendy and moi!)
* Spas — Restaurants — Events for kids
* Private flight to Vashon Island for wine tasting

See, there's lots of wine involved. You should totally go! heehehe

Visit the Seattle Children's Playgarden website for way more information and details about the auction.

I sincerely hope they get enough attendees for the auction. It's $65 a pop and money's really tight for most everyone. They have about 70 people signed up to attended, but their goal was 150. Now, they're aiming for at least 100 people to attend.

Visit their website to find out more about the auction and the garden itself and please find a way to make a contribution! It just feels good knowing that the next generations of gardeners have a solid foundation and they have you to thank.

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