Thursday, May 27, 2010

Landscape Install Update: Bellevue Residence with CEM Designs

Oh, I'm absolutely pleased with how things have established and grown since last fall's installation at this Bellevue residence.

Recall the "collaborative efforts" I posted last fall when I worked with Clayton Morgan at CEM Design.

1. Original site and demo
2. Post intial planting

And here it about 7 months later:

Main Street View

Street View of Rockery

Stone Path Stree View

I guess what has made this project exciting is the fact that almost all the plant materials, including two rare woodland perennials have thrived and will offer flowers this first year in their Himalayan themed landscape.

Main view of focal plantings

Cardiocrinum giganteum late May Meconopsis portrait
Here's the stately Giant Himalayan lily (Cardiocrinum gigatneum) and the delicately elegant and rare Blue Poppy (Meconopsis baileyi)

I did a site visit with Clayton recently and he showed me how to operate the irrigation system. I hope he's proud of this project. It just needs to fill in a little more, but most imporantly, the clients are VERY pleased!

I'm drafting a profile on Clayton very soon so people get to know him and more of this work.


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  1. Proud to have played a tiny role in this project.
    A 1000 % improvement over the 'before' pics!