Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrating the year of the rabbit!! 新年快乐!!

The Chinese New Year brought with it a visit to the nearly complete Knowing The Spring Courtyard at the Seattle Chinese Garden.


Entry Shadows

Courtyard Aaron Scale

Rock Bed

Rock Bed Detail

Southeast Corner

Stone Grove Bamboo

Pond Corner

Rear Gate

Covered Pathways

The courtyard will be open to the public this Sunday, Feb 6th at 12PM. Visit the Seattle Chinese Garden website for more information!

Just in time for the festivities, the ever so fragrant wintersweet was in full bloom near the Song Mei Pavillion and its richly scented blossoms could be detected in the courtyard several meters away.

Chimonanthus praecox v. luteus .

What a treat for us after a meeting of the horticultural committee for the garden: landscape designer, Phil Wood, who hosted our meeting, cut us sprigs of his wintersweet growing in his garden in Wallingford.


May the year bring you many warm and humble moments and the presence of loved ones around you at all times.


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