Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm wearin' all my own brands brands brands brands...

and wearing it proudly!!

Riz with RHR Merchandise
"I teach and do for you garden! You no plant Arborvitae!!! NO!! Plant Osmanthus hedge instead! Okay, pay now!" LOL!!!

I took my marketing and exposure to a new level and finally have RHR Horticulture and Landwave Gardens merchandise to show off the work my cousin, Nio Subaran, created with me a few years ago.

Embroidery done

Bellevue Embroidery in Factoria Mall did an outstanding job with the shirts, caps, vests, aprons and canvas tote bags I had screen printed and embroidered. Evelyn Hou, one of the proprietors, was a treat to work with as she walked me through the entire process and put forth suggestions that really made a difference in the final products, which included having my website URL. With "" seemingly awkward to have on a t-shirt, she suggested that I have a separate URL for both RHR and Landwave. A quick visit to and I was set. I didn't realize how big the lettering would be in the back, but she insisted that, "They need to really see you!". A great call.

RHR Brand

Telling her a bit about what I do, we talked plants, flowers and this unusual vegetable that she used to have back in Guangzhou called "Ba Wang Hua".

Ba Wang Hua

When I picked up my merchandise, she included a bag of it for me so being the curious botanist I can be, I had to look it up immediately. It's the flower of DRAGONFRUIT! (Hylocereus undatus). She said to cook it in a soup with pig hocks. Hmmmmmmm. Thank goodness its dried. I'm gonna have to wait on that one.

Now I feel totally official and legit! I'll be sporting these during my talk at the NW Flower and Garden Show and I hope it's a brand that sticks in people's mind like this song by Taio Cruz that inspired the title of this blog post.




  1. You are going to be famous someday. Guaranteed!

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