Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So the story begins...2011 Flower and Garden Show opens!

Early Spring Color

Check out my photos from the press tour. This will be an exciting show that promises to have something for the avid gardener both beginner and professional, but the target are the little ones as famous stories come to life in gardens that aim to entertain, educate and inspire!

Photos first. Praises and trash talk later...lol..

Click here for photos!

My friend Hyejin Yun joined me in photographing plants and gardens and her camera work is on display with some beautiful shots during the tour. I guess one must befriend her on Facebook to see it, but I might coax her into posting it for more people to see.


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  1. Riz:
    Thanks for the tour of the show! Some absolutely stunning displays - especially those brimming with plant materials. It is so encouraging to see these shows appealing to the children, the future generation of gardeners!

    I shall be curious to hear your critiques! I was not at all impressed with the display of Helleborus myself! Our big show here in Ontario is on the 17th of March. I shall have to capture and share it with you so we can compare!