Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy plant sales make me happy!!

It's been so exciting and so incredibly encouraging to see that interest hasn't waned when it comes to buying plants for gardens during this tough economy.

Having sold plants at the Arboretum Foundation's huge FLORABUNDANCE sale and attended the recent King County Master Gardener's Plant Sale, I was quite impressed with the crowds and fellow vendors who were more than happy to restock after only a single day of brisk sales! It was tremendous!

Edibles are flying off the tables and I've noticed several growers who normally focus on ornamentals start carrying edibles in their booths. Marketing strategy? Oh, absolutely! It's like saying "Here's something you can grow and eat, but also looks pretty. Oh and so does that plant. You can't eat that one, but it's so incredibly cool and this is what it'll do for you."

I've even started to venture into more edibles this year, myself. Yes, I'm following a trend, but at the same time, I'm rediscovering the benefits of growing my own food and that anticipation of the harvest after a long season is always thrilling to me.

Keep it up the good work and ongoing sales, folks. Plants are life!



  1. Hmm, both Polygonatums and lilies could qualify as edibles, I guess... It's one trend I've yet to be bitten by, but I'm happy to hear that sales are as good as ever!

  2. Polygonatums, really?? Hmmm...

    Lilies, definitely! hehe

    In China, I had several dishes that had lily bulb scales in stir fries and it was quite tasty!

    I went to our local oriental store and bought a package of fresh lily bulbs and rather than adding it to my stir fries, I planted it to see which species/cultivar it is! I'll let you know this summer if it grows and flowers.