Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Tonight I need your sweet caress..." a Mahonia 'Soft Caress', that is

I was printing plant labels yesterday morning when I saw a segment of "Gardening with Ciscoe" where they discussed a brand new Mahonia that has hit the market.

"Plants that work, eh??" hmmmm......I just got a few plants at Molbak's a few weeks ago to try and we'll see. I'm sort of on a Mahonia phase right now and I'm very curious as to how this selection does. They claim it to be a selection of M. eurybracteata, but there's a plant patent application for it that states it as a "mutation" of "Mahonia sp.". (Now, is it my understanding that selections made from natural occurrences are not allowed to be patented or am I wrong?)

If it is a form of M. eurybracteata it is an Asian species that's known to be a tad on the tender side and can be damaged by extreme cold.

Pretty enough plant, though. Nice texture and in full bloom right now. Would be cool if I can get it to cross with M. gracilipes.

'Soft Caress': sappy name that reminds me of one of my most favorite sappy 80's love songs:

Gotta love Breathe and their hit "Hands to Heaven":




  1. Great plant , 'Soft Caress' gets so much attention at my place . Mahonia confusa 'Nari hira' is a winner as well , although the foliage is not as narrow . This past winter the low at my house was 2.7* and only for one night . Other lows were 3 nights around 9* . All my plants of Mahonia confusa 'Nari hira' , eurybracteata , and polyodonta survived but were covered w/ black plastic pots and blankets . Eurybracteata will suffer below 9* . Way to go Riz for spreading the word about this soft mahonia .

  2. Robert,

    Thanks for the comment and your wonderful info!

    How do I get a hold of M. confusa 'Nari hira' and M. polyodonta??!!!!!!!!!!!

    We'll see how 'Soft Caress' does here in the Pacific Northwest!