Friday, September 25, 2009

Plant Delights, oh baby!

Knowing I could get creative with how I pack my plants and bringing multiple boxes to ship them with. I made sure I would be coming home with selections I simply did not want to have to pay for to have packed and shipped when I could easily do it myself!

Plant Delights certainly lived up to my expectations and more so. With the help of my colleague, photographer David Perry, shot a video of my ranting on about the cool plants I saw in Tony Avent's Juniper Level Botanic Gardens.

Here's just a few things I picked up while I was there:

Woodwardia unigemmata (I pre-ordered these to make sure that they didn't sell out!)

Colocasia heterochroma 'Dark Shadows' (OMFG!, I hope lives for me)

Gloxinia namantanthodes 'Evita' (absolutely stunning color. I'll be posting photos I took of this plant on Flickr soon!)

Packed in a canvas bag I inherited from the trade exhibitions, I jammed it full along with an Aspidistra and a Edgeworthia I've been hoping to try in Seattle.

Off to the NC Farmers market, back to the convention for sessions and then an outing at famou JC Ralston Arboretum!

Sweating buckets having to rush and catch the bus,



  1. Hey riz- Wish I had met you at the GWA! I live in Seattle and can't believe we traveled all the way across the country and back, but didn't cross paths!

    Subscribing to your blog! Good luck with it... maybe we can hang and talk gardening sometime :)

    Kaarina Aufranc

    Screen Name: Fig Tree

  2. What gives!! hahhaah. Yeah, we should meet up sometime!

    Thanks for checking out my blog!